11 Incredibly Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts You've Never Heard Of

If you were expecting to find a list of cliché gifts, you've come to the wrong site my friend! Although buying her roses, chocolates, and making a pink card might make her happy, we're only going to share unusual ideas that she won't be expecting. What better way to show your love and affection than by being original?

The Best, Unusual Valentine’s Gifts for 2017

Books are like TV in your head

1 A Hand Annotated Romance Novel

Have you ever read a used novel where the previous author wrote little treasures within the margins? More commonly, maybe you've studied with a hand-me-down textbook that was filled with little shortcuts and helpful information scribbled within? Not only can these annotations be helpful, they are really fun surprises. (Harry Potter fans know just how awesome the Half-Blood Prince's annotated potions textbook was.)

Quick! Go out right now (so you have time to read it) and buy a new or used romance novel, and start reading it. Annotate the pages while you read, and the final product will be an extremely unique and special gift for your Valentines.

The Goat's Gift Tip: If you buy a used book, double check that the previous owner didn't mark-up the pages too much! The last thing you want to find out, halfway through, is that there isn't any room. But, having a few scribbles by someone else can make the gift even more unique and (potentially funny).

An Unfinished White Mug

2 A Kiss with Every Sip

Buy this plain white mug and paint it. You can either paint it together, or have a finished product on Valentine’s Day. As a finishing touch, what makes this so unique and special, add a 'kiss-print' near the rim so that whenever he/she takes a sip, it's like you're giving each other kisses.

DO NOT ingest or swallow paint. Wash immediately. (Be extremely careful while doing this.)

I'm Charmed
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3A Passionate Symbol

Charm bracelets are cliché, and sometimes tacky. But that is mostly because most people just buy cheap and random charms.

We aren't necessarily suggesting that you buy a charm bracelet, but we're suggesting that you find a symbol that your significant other believes in firmly (or is passionate about). Or, a symbol that describes who they are as a person. The best ideas will be "inside references" that only make sense between the two of you.

Generally speaking, a necklace or charm bracelet are the best ways to display this symbol. If he or she likes artwork, finding the perfect poster/painting/print is another option. Of course, if you're artistic, you could DIY!

Harry Potter translated into Ancient Greek

4Combine Two of Their Interests

Always stay away from generic, and try to find/make something that follows their interests. Of course, we're trying to be unique and unusual so we can't just buy him something "technology related" or her something "Disney related."

The best way to create an absolutely unique gift is to combine two or more interests into one.

For instance, if your Valentines loved Harry Potter and ancient Greek, you could get him the first Harry Potter book translated into Ancient Greek. <-- Yes, that is for real.

I'm Can't Eat This
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5Incredibly Unusual Chocolates

Just because you want to give a unique gift that has never been given before, doesn't mean that your Valentine wouldn't really enjoy some chocolate. In fact, it is Valentine’s Day -- for goodness sakes, give her some kind of chocolate.

Here is a list of awesome and uncommon chocolates you can buy on Amazon:

Silversmith forging metal
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6 Silversmithing Classes (or another unique local class)

Experiences are the best gifts of all. Memories last a lifetime and so do many skillsets!

Search for jewelry making classes or silversmith classes near you.

The Goat's Gift Tip: Make sure to check out your local community colleges for classes like these.

Food Network Chocolate Truffles

7 Homemade Chocolate Truffles (great for new relationships)

This is the unique gift for relationships that are only one or two months old. For a recent relationship, you don't want to go overboard, but you also want to give something meaningful. You also might not know your significant other well enough to be sure as to what they are expecting. This gift will satisfy the desire for traditional (chocolate), special (homemade), and unique (how many people do you know who can make a truffle?).

The Goat's Gift Tip: Try this recipe out ahead of time because truffles can be difficult to make on the first go.

Thrift Store Shopping
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8 An Outing to the Thrift Store

Plan an outing (or a coupon) to a thrift store where you will pick out goofy attire for each other. Then, you will wear said goofy attire out to dinner... potentially at a classy restaurant. If your clothes look like they are straight out of Caddyshack, you could always go mini-golfing afterwards.

A colorful boomerang

9 A Boomerang

This is an uncommon/unique Valentine’s Day gift that can easily be paired with a romantic quote -- a few quotes are especially appropriate for relationships that have a turbulent past.

"True love is like a boomerang. It always comes towards you and does not care about anyone else."

"True love is like a boomerang. When we let go, it comes back."

"No matter what I'm doing, just like a boomerang you always come back into my thoughts. I love you!"

"Life is a boomerang. What you give, you get."

The Goat's Gift Tip: You can make a special unique bundle by throwing in the movie "Boomerang" starring Eddie Murphy.

Homemade Valentine's Day Care Package

10A Valentine's Day "Care Package"

College kids shouldn't be the only ones receiving care packages! A care package is just an exercise to fill a box with goodies that are actually useful (and usually thoughtful). Think of things that he or she needs, and write little notes on each one. The notes can be sappy, romantic, funny, jokes, secrets, etc.

Maybe pass on a few special personal items. Throw in some new and old photos. Buy the cologne you wish he still wore. Pick out a new headband for her without it seeming like you're replacing that one you really hate...

This really is a "catch-all" gift, and can be customized for every scenario.

The Goat's Gift Tip: The best way to surprise someone is by being random. You'll actually surprise yourself if you order this Mystery Box from Tanga. Without a doubt, there will be some unique items you can include in your own unique care package box.

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