22 Coolest Science Gifts for Kids of 2017

This year, instead of buying your son a robot, let him build his own. Instead of buying a rubber chicken, buy a grow-a-frog kit. Instead of buying something they will throw away, buy a kit they can build. There are so many awesome science gifts for kids on the market! Seriously, we spent hours browsing through catalogues of science toys. The goal of these toys is to build and cultivate curiosity. Children love science. The only difference between "playing," and "science," is documentation.

Science is all about curiosity and hands-on activities -- two things almost all children naturally gravitate towards. Without any further delay, enjoy our list of the best science gifts for kids.

The Best Science Gifts for Kids

The best crystal growing kit

A Crystal Growing Kit

Without a doubt, this is one of the coolest and most universally enjoyable science kit you can give. This set in particular is AWESOME. The steps are simple, but important. The crystals are absolutely gorgeous. The kit provides blue, red, and white crystals. With these colors you can easily mix and match to create mixed-color crystals.

The child will discover why red crystals grow in block-like formations whereas blue crystals form sharp/pointy shapes. Combine them, and find out what happens!

Personalized Scripture Wall Art for Christening and Baptism

Top Pick Microscope For Beginners

A microscope is one of the most essential tools of a scientist. This children's microscope was designed with a budding scientist in mind. The microscope functions just like professional microscopes with multiple magnification levels (some are very high!) and a built-in color filter wheel.

One thing that makes this set particuarly awesome is that it is bundled with a 52-piece accessory kit. The best quality you can get for the price. Slides are included with some brine shrimp -- which are perfect subjects for kids!

Best Gift Magnet Science Kit

The Best Magnet Science Kit

This magnet science kit will teach your child about the effects of magnetism by guiding them through multiple experaments and games. Magnets are one of the most intriguing "sciency" products. We think this is the best value product on the market. We've only ever had a few issues with the magnet's strength. This product is appropriate for ages 8+.

Science oriented Magic-Penny Magnet Set

Magic Penny Magnet Set

Speaking of magnets, this is an incredibly fun science gift for kids that combines the power of magnets with the fun of "magic."

We've heard about children of all ages enjoy this gift. Unlike many toys, your child won't get bored quickly with this one. Not only will it teach the principles of magnetic science, there are hours and hours of potential practice time built in. Truly a gift that will have your child's maximum engagement (if they enjoy magnets, coins, or magic).

Complete Rock Tumbling Kit

Complete Rock Tumbling Kit

If your child has any interest in gems, rocks, jewls, or natural science, you cannot go wrong with this set. This rock tumbling kit comes with everything you need. Detailed instructions, educational guide, the tumbling machine, rough gemstones, polishing grit, and even fastenings to convert the polished rocks into jewlry.

The kit is built for multiple uses and has a 100% money back guarantee. This is a no-brainer science gift.

The Goat's Gift Tip: You can buy rough gems online for future uses, or explore your own backyard!

LEGO Classic Creative Brick Box

LEGO Creative Brick Box

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Legos? For us, it is creativity. Legos foster a creative and scientific spirit. What better way to encourage building and design than by giving your child a creative brick box?

This box does not have 1 design. Instead, it is an assortment of various blocks that your child can use to build anything they can imagine. As always, the worst part is the cleanup! Click the image to read more about the types of parts included.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Motorized Solar System

Motorized Solar System

You read that correctly! This gift reminds us of a LED light show, except of the solar system (and doesn't feel like a rave). This product encourages scientific exploration and engagement. All 8 planets rotate around a very bright sun. (This set includes Pluto! -- but does specify Pluto as a "dwarf planet").

This gift idea will jumpstart your child's lifelong love of outerspace, or foster an existing passion of extraterrestrial exploration.

Perpetual Motion Asteroid

Perpetual Motion Asteroid

This is not as "complex" as some of the other scientific toys. Nevertheless, this perpetual motion toy is enjoyed by many younger kids and some autistic children love these. They are perfect for children that like spinning things.

This is the brightest product we were able to find. However, we also really like the fan-shaped asteroid perpetual motion toy although it is only 1 color (metal). You might also be interested in the magnetic decision maker.

Potato Clock Gift Kit

Potato Clock!

A classic science experament packaged up in a kit that is perfect for gift-giving occasions! It doesn't require much to make the magic happen. This kit includes a digital clock, wires, and prongs. Find two potatoes and you are ready to go! Nothing else besides hands-on assembly is required to create a working potato clock.

A great science gift for teaching youngsters about the transformative power of green science. Designed by 4M, one of the best known names in educational toys.

Bubble Science kit by 4M

Bubble Science

Speaking of 4M! Another popular educational/science/earth sciences gift idea.

Whats the deal with bubbles?

This kit includes step-by-step instructions for creating unbreakable bubble, HUGE bubbles, bubble film, and more! Best for children ages 5+. Realistically, this product will most likely be a 1-time use.

Thames and Kosmos STEM Bundle

Thames and Kosmos STEM Bundle

Young children can do these science experaments with almost no help from an adult. This is the perfect "getting started kit" and makes it one of the best science gifts for kids. Thames and Kosmos is a well-known and respected brand in educational toys and science products for kids.

This kit (Bundle #1) includes a gyroscope, dino skeleton dig, and bouncy ball planets! Kids will learn about motion, gravity, and basic physics concepts from the gyroscope. The dino kit offers insights into the fossilization process. Finally, get your hands dirty while you cast 6 model planets.

Science Gifts for Young Kids

If your child is too young to use the gift ideas listed earlier, here are some products that are considerably less advanced.

Star Trek Uniform for Babies

Star Trek Uniform for Babies

These Star Trek creepers are perfect for your personal captain, therapist, or tiny engineer!

Three bodysuit colors are available: red (Command), blue (Sciences), and gold (Operations). Pips are preprinted on the shoulders. Made from 100% cotton. Always be very careful when you wash these. Washing on hot can create cracks in the design.

More gifts for science kids

Still looking for more cool science gifts for kids? Here are some more unique science ideas.

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