Gift Ideas for Pistachio Day

It’s a Nutty Day! Pistachios, that is. Yep, February, 26th, is World Pistachio Day. And here are just a few ways to enjoy this healthy green nut, sometimes called the ‘smiling nut’ or the ‘happy nut.’ The Nutty Goat loves pistachios!

February 26th is World Pistachio Day, here's how to celebrate

Stephen Colbert Pistachios!
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Heart of the Desert Pistachios

If you don’t have your own pistachio tree, no worries, these pistachios are just a click away. Check out these home grown pistachios that come in so many varieties. Some are simply unsalted and roasted in the shell. Others are garlic and green chili flavored or red chili flavored. You could go all out and try the lemon lime flavor.

Setton Farms Pistachios

A Burlap Bag of Setton Farms Pistachios

If prefer to order from Amazon, this burlap bag of nuts would make a great gift or buy them for yourself to munch on.

Pistachio opener

If you have a hard time opening up the shells of your nuts, they've got just the tool for you: a pistachio opener! They're making it easy to enjoy your nuts. Not only do we love the fun name of this company but their online store is amazing. And all with a flat rate shipping cost so you can order pounds at a time.

Whip out an apron:

Check out this nutty apron!

Make some pistachio ice cream

If you don’t want to just eat them straight out of the shell, you can use them to make incredible pistachio ice cream or blondies with pistachios, or even date and pistachio bars. Share them with a friend so everybody can get in on the celebration. This will ensure that Pistachio Day is put on everyone’s calendar for next year. And if you’ve never tried pistachio ice cream, which by the way was invented by James Parkinson of Philadelphia in the 1940’s, this is the day to do it! Support your local ice cream shop or make your DYI with this recipe.


Show your love of this nut every time you’re in the kitchen by sporting this apron. Put on this apron to whip up a batch of blondies with salted pistachios and lemon. (recipe included on this post)

And just in case you’ve been pining for some pistachio colored kitchen accessories

KitchenAid has you covered. Beautiful, functional, and sure to bring a touch of nuttiness to your home.

KitchenAid Mixer

KitchenAid Electric Kettle

POURfect Pistachio Measuring Spoon & Cup Sets

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