Unique Gifts for Obsessive People Who Love Goats

Some people *cough* really like goats. It is very fitting that this would be the first gift list of 2017 that we publish. Enjoy these awesome gifts for people who are obsessed with goats!

The Best Gifts for Goat Lovers

An Actual Goat... in their honor

This is a gift that truly keeps on giving. Through Heifer International, you can give the gift of a real, live goat to someone in Zanzibar. This goat will cost you $120, but it is tax deductible and you will receive a (free) personalized card to give to the person (in their honor).

Lots of non-profit and local petting zoos also offer adoption certificates when you donate a sum of money. These are also great presents, but you'll need to do some local research to find them.

Goat Crossing Sign

...because you never know when or where goats will decide they randomly want to cross.

This is a pretty basic idea--but are you sure they don't have it? Sometimes we assume that people have the most essential items, and it turns out they actually don't. Plus, who can't use an extra goat crossing sign? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

This Goat Whisperer Shirt

Does your recipient go beyond just 'liking' goats? Is he or she a goat whisperer? Then they will love this cool shirt.

Urban Dictionary warned us that in some circles this phrase could potentially have more than one meaning... However, because this is a super cute goat icon, I think you're safe.

Goat's Head Soup

This album is a great gift for Rolling Stones fans that also happens to include the keyword, "goats." Although this doesn't really have much to do with goats, it incorporates goats in a unique way if you're strapped for finding something to "fit the theme."

For a sample, Angie is the most popular song from that album.

The Goat's Gift Tip: Goat’s Head Soup is usually considered to mark the end of the Rollin Stones' "golden age."

You Wouldn't Understand

It’s a goat thing--you wouldn't understand. Unless, of course, you understood that this is referring to G.O.A.T. = Greatest Of All Time.

Yes? You understand?

Okay, good.

This would be a pretty great gift if you want to work in "goat" somehow, without being literal.

All-Natural Handmade Goat Soap

Farm Maid Soap has a huge variety of soaps to choose from, and they are all wonderful. Specifically, the goat soap.

The link above goes to their landing page for all-natural goat milk soaps. There are scents ranging from lemon grass to oatmeal to Aussie Outback.

Walk With The Goat

Currently, Etsy is selling a sleek, stylish goat-cane. It has a beautiful wood finish and an ornament tip with a goat's head. It is handmade which is always a huge plus for us.

Disclaimer: we have not purchased this walking cane and can't vouch for the quality, but there are almost 30 happy reviews.

Wear The Goat Wherever You Go

Never be without a goat! This little gem from Etsy is handmade and very tiny. We’re talking, fingernail-size tiny. The smallest-goat-gift-on-this-list-tiny.

This gift is unique because it doubles as a tiny diary. Almost 8,000 happy customers can't be wrong!

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**Still looking for more awesome content about goats?** This is our favorite YouTube video:

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