30 Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold

We all know someone who is constantly shivering. Surely there are some good gift ideas other than buying them another pair of warm socks?! Yes, there are! You've come to the right place.

Because we weren't all designed for the ice and cold.

The Best Gifts to Stay Warm

Canada Goose incredibly warm coats

Canada Goose Coats

*Canada Goose parks and coats are the warmest I have ever worn. * The price tag isn't low, so you really need to love this cold person, but they are worth every penny. Shop for women or men.

These coats generally have four kinds of down. But don't worry, it is "ethically-sourced" meaning that there is no live plucking.

The Goat's Gift Tip:

These socks will actually keep your feet warm

35 Below Socks

These are not your "normal" warm socks. What makes these socks different? They are made of aluminized thread with aerospace fabric technology. This fabric reflects your own body heat. Although you may be thinking this would make the socks heavy, they are actually incredibly light and flexible. We actually wear them under other socks.

A pocket-sized hand warmer

Zippo Hand Warmer

This hand warmer is all metal and is extremely durable. It comes with a soft bag that provides a layer between you and the Zippo. This little device can provide warmth for 12 hours without any open flame and essentially no smell whatsoever.

Also, if you needed any more reassurance, each hand warmer comes with a 2-year guarantee!

Make your own hot chocolate mix

DIY Hot Chocolate Mix

Instead of buying a huge tub of hot chocolate mix to keep them warm, why not make your own? Save some money and it is handmade (and therefore, even more special/meaningful).

The internet has lots of DIY recipes for hot chocolate, so pic whichever you like. Personally, we've used the recipe on Pioneer Woman's website and can recommend it.

The Goat's Gift Tip: If you know lots of cold people, or it is Christmas time, or you have lots of friends with birthdays in cold months, you can make a huge batch of this and use it for everyone!

Direct Black Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover

Heated Steering Wheel Cover

We all know how absolutely miserable it is to hold on to a steering wheel that is 0 degrees. Wearing thick gloves or slippery mittens in the car can be dangerous! Not only will this cover keep their hands warm, it will keep them safe!

Beware! There are a lot of steering wheel covers on Amazon, and most other websites will link to the more expensive ones... don't fall for it! This is one of the most affordable heated steering wheel covers, and it is also one of the best.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

A Coffee Mug Warmer

An Amazon best seller and a coffee-lover classic, this mug warmer will keep their drink warm all day long. (You can use it for any hot drink.)

A warm drink means warm hands and a warm inside!

Portable Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace

A Portable Fireplace

What if you could take a fireplace wherever you went? -- oh wait, you can! Your habitually cold friend will be able to re-locate this fireplace whenever they want.

There are also way too many portable fireplace options on Amazon.

A barbarian knit beanie that looks like an octopus

A Barbarian Knit Beanie That Looks Like An Octopus

We don't think that there could be a cooler looking way to keep your head and neck warm. This is technically a ski mask, but we use it for any and all occasions.

The Goat's Gift Tip: There are numerous colors and styles. This could be perfect if you know an entire family of cold-blooded people. :)

Spicy Hot Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Why not get creative and give them a spice that will heat up their food! Fun spices could be the perfect gift for someone who is always cold. What about picking out 5-10 different, and unique, new spices and putting them in a basket?

The Goat's Gift Tip: If you live nearby, you could get some free dinner invites out of this gift!

WoodWick Trilogy Candle

WoodWick Candles

These candles don't just smell wonderful; they sound like a fireplace! The candle is made from organic wood that creates a calming sound of a crackling fire. We geek out over these candles.

Sweet, spicy, fruity -- you name it, they have a candle that smells like it.

A Beanie Hat That Looks Like A Roman Knight Helmet

A Roman Knight Helmet Beanie

The visor is adjustable and can move on top of the helmet-beanie. As far as "normal" head sizes go, this should be able to fit almost everyone. Younger kids will have room to grow into it, and it comfortably fits an adult-sized head.

Indoor Whirlpool Hottub

Platinum Whirlpool Hottub

If you can fork over $2,500, this is the gift to buy. You can't be cold when you're simmering in whirlpool jets and enjoying the mood lights.

The Goat's Gift Tip: Let's be honest, you're buying this for you too.

A men's hoodie that is internally heated

Full-zip Heated Hoodie

Yes, you read that correctly. This full-zip hoodie is actually internally heated.

What we love about it: it comes with a one-year warranty, it is fully machine washable, and it uses the standard USB port.

Volt heated slippers for indoors or outdoors

Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers

We don't think that "slippers" really describes these heated shoes by Volt. Why? -- Because “slippers” sounds dainty, and these are incredibly durable. You can wear these indoors and outdoors. They are battery powered (rechargeable), and will keep your cold friend's feet warm forever.

The Goat's Gift Tip: These were designed specifically for people who have cold feed even when they are indoors.

Battery Powered Rechargeable Warm Heat Fashion Neck Scarves

Rechargeable Scarf

This is a battery powered scarf that... will also recharge your iPhone! The scarf actually includes a power bank that is able to power the scarf's warmth, and keep your iPhone full.

And just in case you had any doubts, you can return it anytime, no questions asked.

Bucky Soothing Hot Therapy Heartwarmer

Bucky Soothing Heartwarmer

Throw it in the microwave, and this heartwarmer relieves tension when warmed. When he/she isn't cold, this gift can be placed in the freezer. The cold heartwarmer can then be used to relax strains and heal bruises.

ThermaFur Heating Scarf

ThermaFur Heating Scarf

Quite a few other websites recommend heated scarfs with pockets that double as hand warmers. Although they sound awesome, they get really poor reviews. Instead, consider this one-piece, made in the U.S.A., scarf that is air activated and provides 20 hours of heat.

The only downsides: it is a bit awkward and thick. Not ideal for going "out and about," but perfect for in-home use.

KONA French Press, Glass Teapot

KONA French Press

Nothing like a hot drink to warm up your entire body! Does your cold friend like coffee, tea, or espresso? If so, do they have a French press? If not, you are about to become their best friend (assuming you aren't already). You're also going to turn them into a French press snob with this gift, because once you start using a French press, you can't go back.

The Goat's Gift Tip: This is also a great gift for your environmentally conscious friends.

Heat up your shaving cream

Warm Up His Shaving Cream

Isn't it awful to put cold shaving cream on your face? If you've never experienced this, maybe you know what its like to apply freezing cold lotion? Either way, this cool bathroom gadget spits out hot gel and lather.

Heat up your lotion

Heated Lotion Dispenser

We just talked about how terrible it is to apply cold shaving cream... it is just as bad to apply cold lotion! This little contraption will help people who are always cold stay moisturized in the cold weather.

A bathmat with slippers

A Bathmat with Built-in Slippers

This kills three birds with one stone. Their feet will stay warm, while at the same time sopping up any extra water. Plus, there is a decreased risk of slipping! This is ideal for after a long bath.

Touchscreen Gloves

The struggle is real when someone with cold hands needs to use their iPhone. Because their fingers aren't as nimble, they will make typos or take longer to respond. Sometimes texting can even be painful! This gift idea will solve those problems.

There are many, many options for touchscreen gloves on Amazon, you might prefer to just browse their entire selection.

Yeti Heated Footwarmers for cold people

Yeti Heated Footwarmers

Keep your feet warm. AND, keep your hands warm!

Yeti Heated Footwarmers for cold people

You plug these into a USB port and they make you toasty-warm.

Music Muffs Headphones

Music Muffs Headphones

This gift will help her tone out the cold of winter with cinema sound! Several designs to choose from, all of them fur lined.

The Goat's Gift Tip: Throw in a pair of touchscreen gloves with these! We're assuming you will be wearing these outside which means your hands need to stay warm too.

Honeywell Heat Bud Ceramic Heater

Honeywell Heat Bud Ceramic Heater

This is one of the smallest portable heaters available. It can sit on a desk, on a coffee table, or under the table to heat up someone's feet.

BB-8 Slippers

These Are The Slippers You're Looking For

ThinkGeek has done it again! These adorable droid slippers are even officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise.

For those of you who don't know what BB-8 is -- link.

Luxe Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair

Luxe Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair

Imagine sinking into one of these plush, soft, fur bean bags. Undoubtedly warm, and perfect for people who are always cold, if they would have room for this chair it could be most unique gift they receive.

Pacific Heat Mini Stove

A Mini Stove by Pacific Heat

We think this Mini Retro Stove captures a bit of modern and a lot of retro. This stove is so light that it can sit on a desk or table, even though the entire body is metal.

Chewbacca insulated drink sleeve

Chewbacca Drink Sleeve Keeps Hands Warm

Your friends with cold hands hate touching cold drinks. This Chewbacca drink sleeve lets them grab their favorite beverage without freezing their fingertips.

Update: Currently, this item is not currently available for In-Store Pickup at Urban Outfitters.

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