Laser Cut Lightning Bolt Tie Clips

Handmade aluminum lightning bolt tie clip

Handmade aluminum lightning bolt tie clip

A tie clip is the perfect gift for a man who is never satisfied with just a tie. Does he always need an extra touch of style or personality? Does everything he wear need to include a signature touch? This clip will draw positive attention and compliments and is truly unique.

Kevin Cross designs a multitude of awesome tie clips, the lightning bolt being one of our favorites. He also offers other tie clip designs including:

  • A Lumberjack Ax
  • A Hammer
  • A Beer Bottle
  • A Sword
  • An Arrow
  • A Tie
  • Plus 30 more!

Something extra special about this product is that the seller is a college student (studying product design)!

Getting married?

Tie clips are also perfect gifts for groomsmen. They are not cliché, will last forever, and are offered at a special discount.

Don't Forget About This Product!

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